We All Need A Good Assistant Every Now and Then

And it feels so good

And it feels so good

It’s been a great day for card spoilers, we had the DJ Pon-3 card revealed earlier, and now this! Spike’s here to help, whatever it takes. After the break, I’ll give you the low-down on this little purple dragon.

Picture from the Game devs' twitter

Picture from the Game devs’ twitter

Spike returns in Canterlot Nights, and he’s had a bit of a team change. He’s no longer a rather useless blue card, and now is an interesting and fairly useful purple card. This purple dragon weighs in at a rather meager one power, for a cost of two and a requirement of 2 purple. But, his special ability is certainly a doozy, allowing you to look at the bottom two cards of your deck and then placing one on top, if you wish. The only cost to use that ability is exhausting the card.

This ability fits with a bit of a pattern today, an ability designed to give you more options and choices when you may be in a bad situation. His slightly anemic power means he’s not a particularly useful friend if you’re looking to overwhelm your opponent with numbers, but his ability makes up for it, making him well worth the cost. Overall, I look forward to making him my purple deck’s number one assistant.

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