A friendly reminder to keep your hands inside the bus.

This is for both fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and fans of Steven Universe. A lot of us fans are on social media as are the show staff of both these terrific shows. Indeed, it is a pleasure and privilege to interact with the staff every now and then. Yet, some people have taken things a bit too far by either harassing staff because of something on the show that commits the unholy crime (#sarcasm) of running counter to one’s head canon.

Then, there is that blockhead who does nothing but harass show staff, especially when they want to know something that falls under the definition of a spoiler and they are not supposed to discuss anything that has not been aired or officially released. And, that person(s) just keep making up accounts to continue to harass show staff.

Indeed, Steven Universe Lauren Zuke quit Twitter after “fans” harassed her for artwork that seemed to favor a particular ship. Also, is that moron who has hounded Andrea Libman and others about what’s going on in the Season Finale even though it would be a clear spoiler. Fans have attempted to report that account to Twitter.

Just because you have a social media account does not give you the right to be a moron, a jerk, or a vitriolic coward who apparently has nothing to do with his or her life but post vitriol—especially towards staff of a cartoon show.

I do ask fans of both shows that if you do see someone harassing show staff on Twitter, report that person(s) to Twitter. Yes, I understand that the anti-harassment policies of Twitter and Facebook are jokes; but neither Bronies, nor the Steven Believers (for lack of a better term) should let a select minority ruin the experience for the whole fandom. This sort of behavior needs to be called out and sometimes, that requires reporting someone or taking additional steps to root out this misbehavior.

It is a pleasure and privilege to be able to interact with the people who work on our favorite cartoon shows, but it is also the duty of those fans to take action whenever someone from either fandom decides to abuse the privilege by harassing show staff or cry a river because their precious head canon (#sarcasm) was nullified by something on the show.


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Heh…. these kind of people are what ruined the fandom for me, and almost the show itself. Which is why I’m gonna take a full year break from ponies after the end of tne current season.

    • StatManDan

      In other other words, you are far too curious as to what happens next.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Wouldn’t say “curious”, but in the first times I used to love this fandom, and then it turned obmonious. I don’t even know why I’ve this psichological lock, maybe it’s a part of me who doesn’t want to lose the hope….

  • Anonymous

    To be honest posts like this gives these dick weasels what they want. Publicity.

    • StatManDan

      You could say we can ignore these weasels, but unfortunately some situations render that impossible (as I can attest from personal experience). Sometimes, these people to be called out and be shown that we will not tolerate this sort of behavior. That does require some persistence, but at some point action needs to be taken.

  • Frith

    As I am neither on Facebook or Twitter, I have no exposure to these few gadflies.