RUMOR: New Kids Next Door Series In The Works?


 A mysterious website has appeared on the internet indicating a brand new Kids Next Door series may be on its way, complete with the status on just about every character from the show and what appears to be a storyboard from the show. Read on after the break.

People who visit the website will encounter a button that, when pressed, will treat you to a silly display of the popular in-universe mascot toys from the show, but clicking on the nose of the monkey will cause the monkeys to fade out leaving behind only a mysterious set of screens and a place to input text. Inputting the names of characters or groups from the show yields tidbits that presumably list their current status. Some intrepid visitors have discovered a countdown that, when decoded, points towards 12am April 1st.

Diving into the site index yielded a video, featuring a couple of the original voices from the show over a never-before seen animatic.

So does this mean everyone’s favorite elite elementary espionage force is back in action? I certainly hope so. This could just be a remarkably elaborate April Fools prank. One that recruited some of the original voice cast to assist.

What would you guys think of a new KND series based on this premise?

  • Anonymous

    It could be a one-off like The Powerpuff Girls: Dance Pantsed. Although, CN said PPG is being rebooted into a series in 2016, so the idea of a KND series wouldn’t be out of the ballpark.

  • pageturner1988

    It’s gotta be an April Fools thing. Even so, it could still be used to gauge people’s reaction to the show making a return.

    • Pickapok

      Wouldn’t be the first time. Toonami coming back started as an April Fools joke.