Queen Chrysalis Revealed for Canterlot Nights


Awww, such an adorable villain.

As many expected, the Changeling Queen has been revealed by the MLP CCG Twitter as the big villain for Canterlot Nights. She hides some pretty big effect to change your mind about how you faceoff against her. Join us after the break to see how she plans to become queen over the problem deck.

Queen Chrysalis CN

Queen Chrysalis is ready to suck the love and hope from your faceoffs by stopping you at the start. Her effect is sure to make you think twice about which characters you send to battle the queen.

At the start of a faceoff involving this card, exhaust a random character involved in the faceoff.

Most villains have only dealt with friends in the faceoff leaving your Mane to be a source of consistent power but Chrysalis deals with friends and Manes, loving them both equally. She is a force to be reckoned with if you pair her with cards like Mane-Raising Experience to disable multiple friends in one faceoff.

Canterlot Nights pre-release is under a week away! Make sure to find a location near you and go give some love to Queen Chrysalis and pick up some awesome pre-release goodies while you’re there.

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