Pointless Ponies Update

And now a word from StatManDan:

Welcome to another Pointless Ponies Update. There are still two live surveys which will be active until August 13th. I am going to run the show at BronyCAN tentatively set for Friday, August 19th. In this update, I am going to drop some helpful hints to the survey questions to help you along.

Survey #3:  http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2850155/Pointless-Ponies-3

Question 1 is self-explanatory. The best place to find the answers is Ponycons.com. Again, I’m looking for US States or Canadian provinces that have hosted a Brony convention since 2011. This excludes My Little Pony Fair since that is officially sponsored by Hasbro.

Question 2 is about the Bronies React videos by AC Racebest. Simply go to YouTube and search the Bronies React videos.

Watch “Luna Eclipsed” for Question 3 and “Scare Master” for Question 4.

Question 5 deals with the Chapter Books by GM Berrow. Just looking to fill in the blanks for the titles.

Question 6 deals with episodes in which at least four of the Mane Six do not appear in the episode. The MLP Wiki (mlp.wikia.com) is the best place to search character appearances.

The MLP Wiki can also be your guide for Question 7 as well.

Question 8 is any show or comic book staff that has ever appeared at a BronyCon. Ponycons.com has a tab for guests and their convention appearances.

Survey #4:  http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2897108/Pointless-Ponies-4

Question 1 is like the first question in Survey #3, but it deals with those staged outside the US and Canada. Again, go to Ponycons.com.

Question 2 requires using this map:   http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/10/official-map-of-equestria-updated.html.

Go to imdb.com or Wikipedia to look up the parts to Question 3. Please note the dates if mentioned.

Answers for Questions 4, 5, and 6 can be found in the episodes mentioned or on the MLP Wiki.

I understand that these surveys are challenging, but then again, that’s the point. There are no opinion-based questions on Pointless, all the questions are fact-based. The reason for the time limit is that I don’t want you spending all day digging for the answers. The challenge is to try to come up with as many as you can think of in a given amount of time. Once time expires on a question, it automatically sends you to the next question, so please continue on.

With new episodes airing between now and August 13th, they could add answers to any question in Surveys 3 or 4. The reason there are two surveys live is that I can mix and match questions from either survey, or from the two past surveys. The questions used at BronyCAN and hopefully for Ponyville Ciderfest in October won’t be known until the time of the game.

Hope the hints help and good luck with the surveys.


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