Pointless Ponies Update 09/12/2018



I’ve realized with my Pointless Ponies survey that I had a question which essentially had a moving goalpost and another that really doesn’t belong there at all in hindsight.

Because of this, I’m scrapping that survey and introducing a new one: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4562293/Pointless-Ponies-8b

Hopefully, this will smooth things out with some questions. The instructions also have a new addition.

Again, Noteworthy and I are planning to host the game at Ponyville Ciderfest on October 26-28 at the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee. The goal is to get at least 100 respondents.

Please feel free to spread this with fellow Bronies.

This survey will close 12 hours after the US airing of the Season Eight finale (11:30pm CT).

You’re participation is greatly appreciated an important to the success of the show.

Thank you,

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