Please Be Green, Recycle Your Cards With Rarity


Rarity reporting in and ready to help kick some flank

Rarity reporting in and ready to help kick some flank

More spoilers ladies and gents! This time, our fabulous rarity is giving us an event card, and boy is it a doozy. We haven’t seen many spoilers so far that aren’t friends, so this is a very nice preview to receive. It’s especially nice to be shown such a high powered and useful card, with so much potential. More after the break.

Picture from the Game Devs' Twitter

Picture from the Game Devs’ Twitter

Here we have it, What’s Old Is New Again. A white event with a cost of two, and a requirement of three white. Power of 4. This event has a fairly unique ability, allowing you to play friends and resources from your discard until the end of the phase in which it was played. You heard that right, Rarity has the power to resurrect now, death is but a momentary inconvenience with this card. It’s a powerful ability, but it DOES come at a price. While this card is in effect, and for the rest of the TURN, any card that goes to your discard is banished instead. So that could be a bit risky, but honestly, the ability more than makes up for it.

This card has some cool strategies that could be used around it, especially if your opponent likes dismissing your friends. “Oh no, my Rarity: Truly Outrageous is in the discard, whatever shall I do” but then you play this and catch your opponent completely off guard. I’m sure many of you will come up with clever ways to use (and maybe abuse) this card. Until then, remember, care about the planet, recycle your cards.

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    Wow, that opens up quite a few possibilities…