Pink and White Canterlot Nights Spoilers Abound in New Enterplay Preview Article

Enterplay has posted their weekly preview article to Equestria Daily this evening, with revelations on some new cards of the non-purple variety.  Card spoilers, developer insight, shiny things, and a reveal about next week’s article after the break!

First up we have our second view of an ultra rare from Canterlot Nights in all its full-art glory:  Fancy Pants, Trendsetter!

Fancy Pants

Courtesy of Enterplay and Equestria Daily

Not only does Fancy Pants look dashing as ever with Enterplay’s new ultra rare card art but he’s also sporting a fantastic little gimmick.  Using the new ability Pumped he is able to stockpile banished cards to score more points for you later…how generous of him!  Props goes to the design team for that little reference to one of Rarity’s oh-so-famous songs in the flavor text.


Next up we have our favorite perky party pony:  Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter!

Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter

Courtesy of Enterplay and Equestria Daily


This card is truly a doozie!  Pinkie Pie, Element of Laughter may have a hefty action token cost and play requirement but on top of her five power she’s able to potentially pull a large amount of her fellow pink friends into your hand and shuffle your deck (to the dismay of Inspired abusers everywhere)…at the expense of letting all of your opponents draw as many cards as you did pink friends.

While this card may not look like a guaranteed slip into the deck for all players Cups mentions that this card will make any multiplayer game a crazy part, showing us that Enterplay has an interest in supporting strategies for all game types.  Between this new card and their recent announcement during their Twitter Q&A that draft and six pack sealed formats are formally on the way (psst, you can find our overview of it here) players who are wanting to spice up their decks and play strategies seem to be in for a bright future.

Also teased with these card spoilers was the mentioning of Pinkie’s “Element” card, with the mentioning that we may or may not see more of our favorite mane six getting the same treatment.  My “professional” and highly thought-out guess is…yes, yes we will see more elements of harmony in Canterlot Nights!


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