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WonderCon 2014 Panel Schedule

BABSCon is only a few days away. However, if you cannot attend, WonderCon is taking place in Anaheim, CA the same weekend. Below is the panel schedule from My Little Pony to Steven Universe.  Read more →

Breaking: Start side to Mane Character Luna and Photo Finish Cards From Canterlot Nights Revealed


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Just moments ago Equestria Daily posted two card spoilers for Canterlot Nights after putting up the weekly Enterplay Developer article (our write-up of it can be found here).  Both card spoilers can be found below the break…trust me, you won’t want to miss these!

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Pink and White Canterlot Nights Spoilers Abound in New Enterplay Preview Article

Enterplay has posted their weekly preview article to Equestria Daily this evening, with revelations on some new cards of the non-purple variety.  Card spoilers, developer insight, shiny things, and a reveal about next week’s article after the break!

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 Trailer


Another trailer was released today for HTTYD2. The scope of designs–and sizes!–is much greater in this movie, as Hiccup learns about dragons who live in different parts of the world.

Trailer below. Spoilers for the first big mystery of the movie are within, so watch at your own discretion.

The film is slated for release June 13.



I’ve written here before about Kenner and it’s licensed merch. What many people forget is that there’s been quite a few semi-successful toy lines based on adult IPs.

Quite a few kids liked watching the rape-allegory movies Alien and Aliens, so a animated show was being developed. Of course, some people figured out how ridiculous this was and the project got canned, but the toy designs remained, so Kenner sold them, anyways. Read more →

Rio 2: What You Need to Know



Blu and Jewel now have 3 children, but are shocked to learn that their owners Linda and Tulio have found more of their kind in the wild. They take a trip to the Amazon rainforest to find their kind. The cockatoo Nigel is back with new henchmen to capture the endangered birds and get revenge

Will be in theaters April 11 in America but was released in many countries March 20.

Cast, trailers and more info after the break.

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MLP CCG: Set 2 Confirmed for April 2014 “Canterlot Nights”


Set two has been confirmed as “Canterlot Nights” for release in April 2014, check below the break for more information!

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