Editor’s Note (DS):  Personally I’d rather not touch anything related to politics or the US Government on this site, as we’re suppose to be about cartoons, and even we fail at that most of the time in terms of coverage.  But so many folks did wake up to a living nightmare.  Blame the writer’s of Back to the Future, they predicted it all.  StatManDan wrote some kind words, and if that lifts the spirits of at least one of our three readers just a tiny bit, its worth it.

And now some words from StatManDan.

After the results of the US Presidential Election, some are joyful, but others are in despair. This is for those who are in despair right now. I hope I am not infringing on Sprocket’s territory, but I feel this needs to be said right now.

Today and last night, it was disappointing. There’s no two ways about it. We are still sad. So what do we do?

  • We do what we always do—take our licks, pick ourselves back up, and carry on.
  • We do what we always do—we learn from our mistakes and do better next time.
  • We do what we always do—we keep our heads up.
  • We do what we always do—be ourselves, continue to do good, and be there for each other.
  • We do what we always do—never give up hope for better times for us and be confident that we will win next time after a loss even as painful as this one.
  • We do what we always do—hope and push for a better future for ourselves, our family, our friends, and others.
  • We do what we always do—we live to fight another day.
  • We do what we always do—we’ll pull through this.
  • We do what we always do—we’ll find a way to make the world a truly better place.
  • We do what we always do—and we’ll continue to do so.

I firmly believe there is still room in this world for honestly, laughter, generosity, kindness, loyalty, and magic (and even empathy at this point). If I take anything from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it’s the lessons that the show teaches and the mettle in the characters who personify the Elements of Harmony. I’ve made some friendships in the five years I’ve been watching the show and hope to make more as the show progresses.

There is stuff to look forward to in 2017 such as a seventh season, conventions, the continuation of the comic series, chapter books by GM Berrow, Equestria Girls specials, and of course, the movie in October. If the ride ends in 2017, I will be on here and proudly say this was one of the best rides I’ve ever been on and my hope will be for the fandom to continue and continue to espouse the show’s messages long after the show’s final episode.

It’s not much, but as upset as I or anyone else is right now, I am determined to bring smiles to everyone I know just like you would for me. Because we do what we always do.


  • Raffaele Lanza

    Nice article Dan. I’m not such informed on politics and I haven’t followed the american elections that much so I don’t understand why many people are so worried about the fact Trump won, but I’ll go on on my own without thinking about (whatever the “consequences” of his election will be).

    In any case Dan…. I own you several apologies for having been such a worry wart during the last months, especially for how I acted after the S6 finale. The thing is, I wasn’t fine with the direction the show is gonna take after it, and it made me taking the definitive decision of quitting MLP after the Movie (I’m still gonna give the S7 a chance regardless thought) and I had an hard time in making a deal with that after having been a fan of this show for so many years and seasons. But I shouldn’t have reacted like I did in your review (or any pony site…) and I shouldn’t have bothered you (or anyone) for that. I’m not gonna judge anyone for liking the finale or the direction the show is gonna take from now on, but I wish you won’t judge me for not being fine with it as well. I mean it’s not like I’m committing a crime or something, if I don’t like something anymore there’s no reason to keep following right? It’s pretty human. Of course, it’s not human how I reacted, so my apologies were due.

    Long story short, I’m not a fan of the direction the show is gonna take from now on, and I’m gonna quit it after the next year’s featured Movie, but I shouldn’t have been such a jerk about it. I should have been more mature by just admitting it and having your days. I’m sorry Dan, it won’t happen anymore. I hope you forgive me…

    • StatManDan

      Well, what direction do you prefer the show to go in? I’ve been hearing people being unhappy about the show’s direction, but I also have issue with how some have gone about addressing this issue such as harassing Big Jim and other show staff or being @$$es about it on YouTube. I write my reviews knowing that I have no say in the show’s direction and call it as I see it.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Well… let’s say that the fact that the Mane 6 are going to be “Peached” to give Starlight the Main protagonist role from now on…. it’s something I’m not fine with considering all the development the Mane 6 have been gone throught in the previous 141 episodes. MLP has gone throught a lot of changes throught the years, but if I’ve accepted AND loved all the previous changes, replacing the Mane 6 as main characters and reducing them to embarassing damzelleses in distress it’s a change I’m not cool with. This is my problem, and this is one of the Main reasons I’m gonna quit with the Movie (because it’s confirmed OFFICIALLY the Mane 6 are the centric characters there, so that will be an high note enough for me to quit the show). You guys are fine with that direction? Fine. I’m not gonna judge anybody for that, and I’m not gonna judge or harras Jim Miller for having taken that direction, but honestly it’s something I don’t like, so I’m quitting. It’s simple as that. Besides, I’m not done until the Movie comes out, so I’m giving the S7 a chance anyway, who knows, I might be even wrong about that being the new direction for MLP, but even if it wouldn’t I’m gonna quit after the Movie in any case.

        • StatManDan

          The one fatal flaw in that reasoning is that no one knows for sure what is going to happen in S7. I sincerely doubt that they are all of a sudden going to make Starlight THE main protagonist role and reduce the rest of the Mane Six to the background. Another aspect of my reviews is that I’ve been watching cartoons for most of my life and I’ve seen a thing or two, so I wasn’t upset that the Mane Six were captured and someone else had to step up (something that’s happened before in the series). Could they turn the Mane Six into a Mane Seven? Maybe, It already appears to be a Mane Seven on the Equestria Girls side of things. But I doubt they will suddenly make Starlight THE main character on the show.

          • Raffaele Lanza

            I’m fully awared of that “fatal flaw” in my reasoning, but until I don’t have concrete evidences of being wrong on it, I’m not gonna change idea. For that matter, even thought I’d be wrong, I’m still going to quit after the Movie regardless (my problem with the finale and the potential change in that direction it’s actually just one of the many reasons I want to quit the show, althought the other ones are more “personal”). Besides:

            1)If Starlight was gonna become a Mane 7th, it would have happened in this season finale;
            2)If Starlight was gonna become a Mane 7th, I think she would have appeared in the few promotional arts of the MLP Movie, or at least mentioned in the synopsis, but she didn’t, so I don’t think she’s gonna become that. She might still appear in the Movie anyway, but with a marginal role.

  • Anonymous

    This is not a site about politics…

    *Proceeds to talk politics*

    Well at least I’ve come to realise how many hypocritical people there are in the fandom and who work on the show.

    Love and tolerance indeed…

    • Love and tolerance has always been a crock of shit. If you want that hippie ass bullshit, go to EqD.

      • Frith

        Ah ha ha ha ha! With JS off, some of the text here is a wee bit different! X^D

        I’m very aware just how loving and tolerant people generally are, and while I maintain a cautious mistrust of everyone, I do my hippie best to love and tolerate everyone for what they are. Even the new prez. And even Raffaele Lanza, who will be asking me to leave her alone any moment now. ^_^

  • Ninten Cano

    Good article.
    Always go ahead.

  • Frith

    — and try to take over the world!

    Very strange and Interesting times indeed!

  • Firewing

    I just have to ask only because it’s fun to do so, but…who else voted for President Luna and Vice President Twilight Sparkle. lol