New Yellow Mane Is Timidly Revealed

Oh my, I'm just happy to be included

Oh my, I’m just happy to be included

Well, another Mane Character has popped up, thanks to the Game Dev’s twitter. This time, it’s our favorite little shy, yellow pony. Yes it’s Fluttershy, and believe me, her bite is MUCH worse than her bark. Details and a bit of analysis after the break.

Picture from Game Dev Twitter

Picture from Game Dev Twitter

Here she is, in all her soft spoken, gentle, kind, and MONSTEROUSLY STRONG glory. Fluttershy has one of the strongest flip conditions we’ve seen yet, all you need to do is pay three AT, and BAM, she’s flipped. More than that though, you reduce the cost by one for EACH critter you control. Get a few early forest owls or Falcons and you’re golden within just a couple of turns. After being flipped, Fluttershy gives a useful ability, allowing you to pay one AT to move her to a problem with a critter friend there. In a critter heavy deck, this can make her very mobile and give you some more options.

Overall, I’d say our dear friend fluttershy could fit into really any kind of yellow deck. She has a very very powerful flip condition that can be met easily with any deck. Her ability is also very generic, but strong, allowing her to beef up any team, wherever she’s needed. She’ll always be around to lend a hand, even if she may seem unassuming. Nobody, and I mean nobody, hurts her friends and gets away with it.

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