Or at least everything in this club

Or at least everything in this club

DJ Pon-3 in the house tonight! That’s right, kicking off this Cinco De Mayo party is the blue haired wonder DJ herself. The Game devs decided to make any party complete with the ultimate DJ, revealed to be a pink UR. Details and a bit of discussion after the break.

Picture from the Game Devs' Twitter

Picture from the Game Devs’ Twitter

This pink UR sports a power of 3 for a cost of four, and needs 4 pink to be played. Additionally, she has a fairly unique ability. At the beginning of any phase, you can return her to your hand, then shuffle your entire hand into your deck and draw four cards. Oh, did I mention that it makes ALL players do that? Keeping it chaotic, just like any good dance should be.

Now, this card could be a little mixed. It’s ok as an offensive card, it’s three power is respectable, but it’s a little pricey for that power. It’s real use is going to come from it’s ability, the ability to make everyone shuffle their hands back into the deck and draw four new cards. This is very disruptive to your opponent, although it could net them some good cards. However, if you’re in a bad position, finding yourself without the cards you need, it could turn a bad situation around for you. It’s a gamble, for sure, but it can give you a fighting chance by turning everything on it’s head. So, put on your headphones, crank up the bass, and let the wubs wash over you, you’re partying with DJ Pon-3 tonight.

Happy Cinco De Mayo