More Luna in Canterlot Nights

Luna: Oops… by Reginault

Luna: Oops… by Reginault

Trevor McGregor has dropped another spoiler on the practical eve of the Canterlot Nights pre-release. Join us after the break to see how many new Luna cards you can fit into your deck now.

CN Mare in the Moon Luna

So many Luna cards in Canterlot Nights and so little time to bask in their glory. Princess Luna, Mare in the Moon, brings us an effect befitting our lunar princess. At the start of any phase, you can banish Mare in the Moon and put it back into play at the start of your next turn. Since her ability is a “Reaction” ability, you can also use this on your opponent’s turn. Also, you should read the flavor text, I love it.

There are some interesting tricks to play with this Luna depending on when you banish her though:

  • Troublemaker phase can avoid being frightened by a villain.
  • Score phase can avoid a faceoff or setup to score bonus points at the new problem on your next turn.
  • If you want Luna in the faceoff, you can banish at the start of the end phase and bring her back at a problem next turn.
  • If you really wanted, you could just banish her at any point so you don’t ever have to pay to move her anywhere.

I’m sure I’ve missed some fun ways to use her ability and hopefully Canterlot Nights will have more ways to show her off. Speaking of, there are only a few days left until the pre-release so make sure to find somewhere and get all these awesome new cards!

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