MLP CCG Spoilers and Updates for Nov 3, 2014

Some more delays, and some fresh card spoils below the break!



Oh yes. these spoils aren’t just ANY spoils. noting the Pf# tag, they’re our PROMOs for the Crystal Games Pre-release! Unfortunately delayed back just so that the launch of the Celestial Solstice fat-pack box doesn’t get ignored, so everyone has time to recoup funds for the events. Crystal Games has been pushed back to the 20th/21st.


Another thing on the delay board is Enterplay’s Official MLP CCG OP System to help Tournament Organizers run events, and for players to track their  “Pony Points” **COUGHbitsCOUGH** which establishes standard official competitive play standings. (Perhaps other perks later on as well)

Other than that, we have Celestial Solstice to look forward to on the 14th later this month!


That’s all we have this week, We’re currently awaiting official statements on the OP System right now, so please check back with us for your MLP CCG News!

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