MLP CCG Spoilers 11/17/14, What a Problem!



We’ve got a couple fresh spoils for you, some first of their type from Crystal Games too! check em out below.



Via Email, Courtesy of Rob Broughton

In case the image is hard to see;

Starting Problem: During faceoffs here the player with the most (Earth Pony Icon) characters here flips an additional card.

Req: 2 Orange + 1 non orange VS 4 Wild

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Courtesy of Rob Broughton

When a player confronts this Problem with characters that have at least 3 different colors among them, that player may exhaust their Mane Character here to score an additional point

Not quite everyone’s favorite Social Obligations, but they’re definitely pressing into multicolor beyond two with this one!


Check back with us for your Crystal Games and more updates as we gear up for this weekend!

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