I’ve written here before about Kenner and it’s licensed merch. What many people forget is that there’s been quite a few semi-successful toy lines based on adult IPs.

Quite a few kids liked watching the rape-allegory movies Alien and Aliens, so a animated show was being developed. Of course, some people figured out how ridiculous this was and the project got canned, but the toy designs remained, so Kenner sold them, anyways.

First, check out these toys, as reviewed by the excellent Ashens.

This is followed by an excellent discussion on the adult-IP-based toys.

Interestingly, this is the opposite of what we see Hasbro do today. My Little Pony and Transformers have adult fans with deep pockets, so collectibles are produced to sit on a shelf, not be played with. Products are designed for more mature audiences by giving them more delicate detailing that won’t stand up to play.

We don’t see adult properties made into kids toys much anymore, and the few examples are based on video games. Call of Duty, a game you cannot buy unless you’re 17, has Megabloks rated for kids 12 and up.


And Assassin’s Creed has several lines of action figures, from $60+ Square Arts high-end collectibles to <$10 barely-jointed figures you can buy at Toys ‘R Us.


They even come with DLC for character/boat skins and new weapons.

Generally, adult movies aren’t being turned into kids toys anymore. There’s no TED plushies at Toys ‘R Us. You can’t buy a Saw playset. We’re not going to find The Wolf of Wall Street costumes in Walmart. The 80’s and early 90’s were a much simpler time of expanding IPs into as many markets as quickly as possible to make money.




  • Battra

    I remember the Aliens toy line absolutely loved those things infact I think I still have them around.

  • Destiny

    I really wish I was around at this time. I’d love the Alien toys line so much! They should so bring them back xD I’d buy mcdonalds out to get them for sure !