American Airlines' Policy on Flights to Equestrian

American Airlines’ Policy on Flights to Equestria


It’s fun that all of these airlines are tweeting jokes about a flight to Equestria.  However, it is important to stay grounded in reality, and remember that airplanes can’t actually get you there.

The real way to get to Equestria is through a rift in the spacetime continuum that opens approximately 26 times a year, and stays open for 22 minutes per occurrence.  The concentrated Equine Radiation that spills out of the rift affects the emotions of those exposed to it, and alters our central nervous systems, expanding our consciousnesses onto the Equestrian plane.

So please, folks, don’t believe the hype about airplane travel to Equestria.  That’s scientifically impossible, and just plain silly.


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    Bring on the equine radiation, my brain could use a tan!

  • I wonder if this Homer Bouvier married someone named Marge Simpson.