After over four years, Sunset Shimmer returns through the mirror to pick up a new journal after her old one ran out of pages. The Mane Six are on a friendship mission, so Starlight Glimmer is there to give Sunset the journal–and go back with her to explore the EqG world.

Juniper Montage, now working behind the counter at the movie theater because of her actions in “Movie Magic,” finds a mirror enchanted by Equestrian magic that shows her what she wants to see and wishes things and the Rainbooms into the mirror.

Starlight is their to save the day though as she convinces Juniper that she could attain forgiveness. And yes, the Rainbooms (not to mention this whole franchise) is a VERY forgiving group!

If Starlight framed the argument into Juniper gaining acceptance, the ending may have a little more weight to it. Otherwise, it comes off as a bit of a plot hole. The revenge issue is spot on, though. Who knows that better than Starlight!

The main purpose of this episode was to do two things. Get Sunset back into Equestria and to get Starlight to experience the human world (as human as this world is). Other than that, it doesn’t do anything else special and it just follows on from “Movie Magic.”

In all honesty, this may have been better served if all three ‘Magic’ specials were combined in a single showing. In retrospect, “Dance Magic” should have been given a C+ while “Movie Magic” does deserve a B like “Mirror Magic” does. That said, it might have been better to turn this into a 90-minute special.



  • Raffaele Lanza

    ….. you see what I meant now Dan? This is EXACTLY the direction I was afraid the show was gonna take since TWABA aired. And this is a direction I don’t like, at all. I’m not gonna lie: I lost almost completely my interest in MLP since I watched the finale, and despite I loved the S7 way more than expected (well… that would be an understatement…. i’m actually finding it even better than the second, fourth, and fifth season so far, and none of the revealed upcoming eps, gives me bad vibes, but they are still in time for screwing up things with the finale. We’ll see), and even thought Mirror Magic was just and EG thing, it confirmed that my fears for the future of this series were founded after all. The only reason I haven’t stopped watching the show, is the upcoming Movie of course, if it wasn’t for that, I would have quitted all of this 10 months ago. Like I said in past, I know that MLP has gone throught a lot of changes between the years, but if I accepted AND loved the past changes, TREATING THE MANE 6 (IN ALL THEIR INCARNATIONS) LIKE TRASH TO GIVE THE SPOTLIGHT TO STARLIGHT EVERYTIME NO.

    And now someone will say “they made this decision you have to accept iy”, yeah because at this point, I can even throw myself out of a windows under advice of someone but I wouldn’t say it is a good thing. The Movie’s production came to a big price for this show. I hope it was worthy.

    • David Lewis

      This is Equestria Girls; it has almost no effect on the main show.

      • Raffaele Lanza

        Maybe, but it still doesn’t change my worries. There is one thing though: Starlight mentioned Twilight being away for a friendship mission. It could be a foreshadowing for the S7 finale, and if that was the case, I will give it a shot. I’ve had some partial second thought about my retirement thought: if both the S7 finale and the Movie will do justice to the Mane 6, then I will reconsider my position, and I will watch the S8. BUT later in time, by my own, when it will be over and with no more hype around it. Time will tell me what to do. In a few months I will have more clear ideas.

        Oh anyway, hi again David!

        • Graem

          I hope some day you can quit the show and move on with your life, Raffaele. It sounds like it causes you an awful lot of stress.
          Personally, EqG has only one thing that makes it remotely tolerable for me: Sunset Shimmer.
          The rest is too insipid for me to try any harder to enjoy without resenting myself and my life choices.
          It’s a big world out there. Maybe you can try helping out Bronies for Good or something?