Enterplay Announces Sets Three and Four, May or May Not Include Derpy


Alongside the first regional MLP: CCG regional championship Enterplay made a slew of announcements via a presentation at Big Apple Ponycon this weekend.  If the words “two sets this year”, “Derpy”, “DJ Pon-3 and Maud Pie manes” mean anything to you read on below the break!

First up:  Holy-two-sets-this-year, Batman!  Enterplay announced tentative information for sets three and four.  Set three, supposedly titled “Crystal Games” has a planned August release date, with “Absolute Discord”, set four’s current name, planned for December.  During this announcement Enterplay executive Dean Irwin was speaking in front of an image of Derpy…so while this isn’t direct confirmation of the Muffin Queen getting a mane or friend card it is worth keeping in mind as we wait for spoilers (Crystal Games’ secret rare a-la Flutterbat, perhaps?).

The presentation also confirms the colors of the the manes in the “Rock and Rave” two-player kit announced earlier this week (our write-up on that news can be found here).  DJ-Pon-3 was confirmed to be pink, whereas Maud Pie will be orange.

That’s it for the spoilers from the event!  Good luck to everyone who’s competing in the regionals, and for those at the con:  if you have any photos of the presentation please email us at Submit@DerpyHooves.com!

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