Courtesy of Enterplay

New goodies abound straight from the horses mouth fro Bronycon’s Packbreaker’s booth! More delicious muffin-y goodness below!


Enterplay has doled out some extra special information on the Happs for their favorite vendors, The Pack Breakers. This years special convention TCG promo is a stamped Mane-iac, [pictured above].

Along side this information we were handed an envelope that was all bent up and covered in muffin crumbs. It contained the following;

“Dear, Whoever,

Congratulations on making it to Bronycon this year! I’m sure you bought one of our special MLP: CCG card packages the fine Packbreaker vendors had, so I have a letter just for you!”



Courtesy of Enterplay


There is little information on weather or not the previous con exclusive “Applejack Farm Foremare” will be in attendance, rumor suggests that it will be either a prize or participation promo for the sealed tournament at Bronycon. Stay tuned in for more information!

  • Anonymous

    To the people of this site: do you wish that MLP gets cancelled right now?