Breaking: Start side to Mane Character Luna and Photo Finish Cards From Canterlot Nights Revealed


Courtesy of pintara



Just moments ago Equestria Daily posted two card spoilers for Canterlot Nights after putting up the weekly Enterplay Developer article (our write-up of it can be found here).  Both card spoilers can be found below the break…trust me, you won’t want to miss these!

Both cards spoiled this evening were revealed in GTM, and boy do they pack a wallop.  First up will be everyone’s favorite alicorn princess (second to Twilight of course):  Luna, Princess of the Night!


Courtesy of Equestria Daily

We still don’t know what she does boosted, but lets be honest…this is a pretty good side to start with anyway!  It seems Luna will be pretty easy to boost, considering you need only spend two action tokens to do so.  It will be very interesting to see how players make use of this requirement.

The next surprise card of the night is, well, a really great surprise:  Photo Finish, Picture Perfect Pony!


Courtesy of Equestria Daily


Photo Finish enters the CCG in a flash with a nod to the fanbase and a powerful effect to match.  Utilizing Pumped Photo Finish can spend her banished cards to banish her opponents’ friends that are already on the table…a powerful effect if used properly.  She will definitely need to be played with…responsibility if a player is to get the most out of her (anyone who gets what I just said gets a cookie, I promise).

An article, a spoiler post, and four new cards…and Canterlot Nights comes out in just over four weeks (three if you’re attending a pre release, which we should hear about soon enough).  I could’ve sworn we just had Christmas…

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