An Element of Magic in Canterlot Nights


MLP CCG Twitter is on a roll the last couple days with card spoils for Canterlot Nights. We have another card but this one is going to introduce something new into the game. After the break we’ll look over this new card and see what it holds in store.

CN Element of MagicWhile the Mane Six might have had to give up the Elements of Harmony to save Ponyville, looks like we might get to use them instead. The Element of Magic, Complete Magic, is an interesting card and bears the “Unique” trait because how could you have more than one Element of Magic. That isn’t the only fun part though.

Of course, Twilight Sparkle is the Element of Magic wielder so we have to control a card bearing the name “Twilight Sparkle” to be able to play the Element of Magic, makes sense. Once this card is in play though we get to add a Harmony token to this card at the start of our turn, which we’ll use for it’s effect.

During our main phase we can remove two Harmony tokens from Element of Magic to look at the top three cards of our deck and put any of those three on top, then the rest on bottom in any order. You can chose to put one card on top or two or none at all, perfect for setting up faceoffs or using Twilight Sparkle, All Team Organizer, to draw that card you happened to find.

I’m personally looking for all kinds of cards to run with Twilight Sparkle, Noted Speaker, and this one really piques my interest.

Bring your the Element of Magic to the table against friend and troublemaker when Canterlot Nights releases on May 16th, maybe we’ll see the other Mane Six’s respective Elements too.


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