MLP: CCG Spoilers update for November 13, 2014


Got a bundle of fresh spoils hot off the presses for ya! Check below the link for more information!

Finger Snap

Courtesy of Rob Broughton

Finger Snap. What a curious card that has only a handful of uses this very moment, and yet I feel like this will become very useful in the next few days…


Courtesy of Rob Broughton

WOO! An Ultra Rare fresh for the spoils!  It’s to be noted that this is NOT the final look of the card (or any cards, on the safe side) as Ultra Rares have been confirmed via Rob Broughton to have the full-art foil style that Canterlot Nights started last set. So don’t fret! they’ll still look awesome!


Also we’ve got our first Griffon to be spoiled for the games!






We can only hope for what else may come in the next few days!

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